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The smart phone interlocking body composition measuring instrument.

Creative ONESOFTDIGM for human happiness.
ONE SMARTDIET is the portable body fat measurement device to measure body composition through four contact electrodes BIA(Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis; BIA)

    • Easy to use
    • This device comes with a hassle-free guarantee. ONE SMARTDIET is free of space or time limitations. The device is portable and all yours!

    Easy to use

    • BLE connection
    • ONE SMARTDIET connects instantly to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The ONE SMARTDIET application will display your results and track your progress over time.

    BLE connection

    • Portability
    • ONE SMARTDIET has a light weight of only 20g as opposed to competing products that weight about 45kg.


    • Accuracy
    • ONE SMARTDIET has an accuracy of 98.8% with respect to other professional medical devices.



When you open the ONE SMARTDIET box, the product is configured below.
ONE SMARTDIET device and QSG and USB cable and Pouch.

  • Configuration

  • Configuration

  • Configuration

  • Configuration



    • Model name
    • Country of manufacture
    • Size
    • Weight
    • Battery life
    • Frequency range
    • SD-W10
    • Republic of Korea
    • D 7.5 × W 3.1 × H 1.7cm
    • 20g
    • 168hr (Rechargeable)
    • 50kHz
    • Galvanometry
    • Way of measuring
    • Measuring part
    • Power
    • Module
    • Measurement Time
    • About 150㎂ or less
    • Four electrode method
    • Upper body
    • DC 5V
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • 5sec
    • Range of Measurable
    • Range of height
    • Range of weight
    • Range of age
    • Range of use
    • Accessory
    • 100~950Ω
    • 130~200cm
    • 30~149kg
    • 7~89
    • 10~50℃
      humidity 30~95%
    • USB cable, Pauch, Manual

  • The device uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis through four contact electrodes to measure the body composition.
    The device sends a minute electric signal through the body, an electric current flows in accordance with the electric conductivity of high water depending on the amount of body water, fat cells, muscle cells and skin cells.
    Alternatively, resistance occurs, this resistance is generated at the time it contacts body components.

  • Specifications


    • Installation
    • Syncs with
    • Space on Phone
    • Connection
    • Application
    • List of measurement
    • Languages
    • Household, Personal, Portable
    • Body fat percentage, Body fat mass, Muscle mass, BMI, Masal metabolic rate and more.
    • Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Arabic, French, Portuguese, Persian, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Danish, Greek

It is recommended to update the latest version of the one smartdiet application to ensure the smooth usage of the application.
You must agree to the Privacy Agreement and Data collection list to use this application when you first install it.
One smart diet is supported by BLE, meaning there is no need to input a PIN CODE on the smartphone for connecting the device with the application.


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