• Safety

      Requirements for the Safety.

    • Warning

      ① If you use the biometric device as a cardiac regulator, medical ECG, mechanical heart or heart-lung machine, the device could harm your body. In this case, do not use the device.
      ② Do not check the body composition while in pregnancy or in menstruation. The device is more threatening to physically weak persons and elders.
      ③ The electric current (under 150uA of 50kHz) is used in such a small amount that a normal person cannot feel it. If you feel it, do not use the device.
      ④ Use the device as specified by the application. Do not use it in any other way.
      ⑤ Do not disassemble or modify the device.
      ⑥ This product is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


      ① Don't stay close to devices with electrical or electromagnetic interference or an error in measurement may occur.
      ② The device contains a battery. Don't eat or dismantle. Do not allow the children to contact it. Dispose in accordance with the local regulations for waste disposal.
      ③ When you dispose the device, pouch or battery, you must keep the local regulations.
      ④ Do not apply any physical impact.

    • Application

      App installation.

    • You can search and download ONE SMARTDIET app through Google play store or Apple app store. You can also download the app by the QR code on the box.

      ① Requirements : Syncs with Android OS 4.3 / iPhone® 4S or later.
      ② We recommend updating to the latest version of the ONE SMARTDIET application to ensure a trouble-free use of the application.
      ③ You must agree to the Privacy Agreement and Data collection list to use this application at the first time you open it. Privacy Agreement may change without a notice.
      ONE SMARTDIET supports Bluetooth 4.0(BLE). It means you don't need to input the PIN CODE on your smartphone. However, a pop-up window (PIN CODE) may appear when you turn on the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone after pressing the power button of the ONE SMARTDIET. In this case, don’t input the PIN CODE, and select the ‘Cancel’ button and run the ONE SMARTDIET application.

    • Measurement

      Measure body composition.

      • ① Run ONE SMARTDIET application.

      • ② Input your Name, Gender, Weight, Height, Year of Birth on the screen.
        In the case of a female user, you must select Apple (Slender under body) or Pear (Slender upper body) in Body type section.

      • ③ Select Measure button on the navigation at the bottom on your screen and turn on the ONE SMARTDIET. The device will be connected with your smartphone and LED will be turned on.
        ONE SMARTDIET can be charged by a micro 5 pin.

      • ④ Measure your body composition in a correct posture.
        For further details, refer to the ONE SMARTDIET application.
        Don’t talk or move during the measurement.
        If your body water is changed, the result may not be correct.

      • ⑤ Go to Fun > Body type Determinant and check your body type.

      For accurate measurement DO the following.

      ① Stand for 5 minutes to check your body composition by ONESMARTDIET.
      ② Check the body composition 2 hours after waking up.
      ③ Check the body composition after waking up with an empty stomach.
      ④ If you had a meal, perform measurement after 2 hours. It is a way to reduce error readings caused by food consumption.
      ⑤ You should measure body composition before an activity or a bath that reduce body water.
      ⑥ You should measure body composition at certain times per day and at a room temperature.
      ⑦ You should not talk or move during the measurement.

      Measure activity

      ONE SMARTDIET contains an acceleration sensor so as to measure your steps. Go to Settings > Connect with the Activity and select methods for syncing.
      Before syncing activity data, measure body compositon first.
      Only the first registered user can sync activity data.
      ② Go to Record > Activity and check today’s activity data.
      ③ You can also check your history at the bottom of today’s activity.
      Activity records can be viewed up to 90 days.
      ④ Go to Fun > Activity assistant and compare your steps with well-known streets and landmarks.

      Data relating to your activity may be unavailable, inaccurate or incomplete.

  • Customer Support

  • If the procedure fails while using the ONE SMARTDIET, please let us know for assistance.
    E-Mail :
    Telephone : +82-54-279-4467

    Compensation criteria for consumers' damages.

    ① In this case the warranty period will be in effect for one year starting from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified by the applicable law.
    ② We shall not be responsible for any damages arising by a usage out of the instructions of use, or otherwise related to Caution and Warning activities.
    ③ Damages from natural disasters are not covered by the warranty.
    ④ In the case of fall or drop in water, you need to pay for the repair.
    ⑤ Information, operation, specifications, and product appearance may change without a notice.

    It means terms for device.
    It means terms for application.